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Challenge Tournaments

This week we take a look at the new tournament types that are coming to Kings of the Realm.

Mark Your Progress


We will soon be implementing a new type of tournament to Kings of the Realm!

Challenge Tournaments will appear in like normal tournaments in game, but instead of competing against other Players or Alliances, it’s a race against time!

Challenge Tournaments will set you a series of goals, similar to a Quest. However unlike Quests, you will have a limited time to complete the tasks.

Each Challenge will have three goals, one Bronze, one Silver and one Gold. Each of these goals will have a corresponding prize. When the Tournament ends, you will receive the prize associated with the highest level of goal accomplished. (e.g. If you complete the Silver goal, you earn the Silver prize only)

To begin we will be rolling out a series of Daily Challenge Tournaments each 24 hours in duration, but there will be longer Tournaments at a later date. Over the coming weeks we will also be implementing Alliance Challenge Tournaments.

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Published: June 10, 2015


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