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On The Hunt

With Novik’s hunt for the Troll underway, we see how the Trinity forces track the beast!

Worthy Prey


Dawn was breaking, with a pale morning light filtering through the forest as Novik and his men discovered the Troll corpse. Novik inspected the wounds, steam still rising from them. “A recent kill,” he mused almost to himself. “Looks like a fight over territory. Another Troll did this.”

He turned from the fallen beast to find two contrasting reactions from his assembled men. His Trinity Knights, Longbows and Spearmen looked worried at the prospect of fighting a Troll even bigger than the one dead before them. The Monster Hunters he had brought with him were grinning with delight for the exact same reason.

“Trolls hate the daylight, so this one will have sought out shade, most likely a cave or possibly the ruins of a failed settlement. We find it, and once we’re in position, we flush it out and capture it.” he announced to his company.

“Our goal is to tire it out so we can bring it home and train it there. It will fight back, and it is a fight you will never forget, but do not try to kill it. These beasts can take a lot of punishment however, so defend yourself as you must.” He indicated towards the broken trees on the edge of the clearing. “Make ready and advance!”


Novik’s expert eye quickly scanned over the Trinity Forces he had arrayed around the entrance to the Troll’s cave. Spearmen were in formation before the cave mouth, weapons braced. The Trinity Knights were several hundred yards to the south, ready to flank at a moments notice. The lunatics of the Monster Hunters were positioned on the cliff face above, poised to drop onto the Troll’s back.

His was the hardest role, he had to drive the Troll out of it’s own lair.

Confident that his forces were prepared, he ventured to the cave mouth. He hefted his ax as he heard the faint rumblings of the Troll from deep within. “Time to make this monster angry!” he shouted, and dove into the darkness, the cheer’s of his troops his only reinforcement.

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Published: June 26, 2015


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