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Troll Hunting

We check in with the Trinity in Vinland as they prepare to hunt a Troll!



Brigadier Novik watched the workers as they pushed carts laden with rubble out of the cave mouth. Set into the mountainside just north of the settlement’s quarry, it was depleted of workable stone for the district walls. He saw another use for it, and having already discussed the matter with the King, he had turned it to a new purpose.

Without taking his eye from the work before him, he spoke. “Entrance needs to be bigger,” he said. The foreman looked at him with surprise evident on his face. “Bigger, sir?” he replied. “‘Tis already big enough to house a full grown Basilisk.” Novik nodded. “Exactly. An adult Troll can reach twice that size. Make it bigger.”

As the foreman called over his workers, Novik continued. “The Troll-sign was discovered two days’ march from here. My forces leave in an hour, so that gives you a week to get this ready.” The foreman replied, “It will be difficult but we can do it. Why the extra three days though sir?”

Novik turned and began to make his way towards the Keep. “Because that’s how long it will take for us to tire the beast out.”

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Published: June 26, 2015


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