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1 Year Anniversary

To help celebrate our first anniversary in Kings of the Realm, we've some exciting new content and events!


Kings of the Realm came out of beta 1 year ago this weekend. Digit Game Studios was founded specifically to make this game, and it is great to see how it’s grown over the last twelve months. To help celebrate we’ve some exciting new content and events!

Events will be running for the next few weeks at various stages, and the below changes are scheduled to go live on Tuesday the 8th of September!

Oathbound Set

oathbound announce

Our first big change is we are introducing a new high end armor set – Oathbound!
Based on Earth Clan designs, an advanced enough Blacksmith can learn the intricacies of Crafting this exquisite armor.

A quick run down of the set:

  • Unlocks at Blacksmith Level 5 (same as Darksteel).
  • Items require a minimum commander level of 41 to equip.
  • Set consists of 14 items.
  • Buffs work in all situations.

To begin with, the materials for the set will not drop in game. However we will be giving out some of the materials in tournaments over the next few weeks, to help people get started.

Crafting a better system

In addition to the Oathbound set being introduced, we took this opportunity to go back and take a fresh look at Crafting. After much testing, and feedback from the Community (followed by even more testing!) we are making a series of changes aimed at smoothing out the progression curve on leveling your Blacksmith.

With this in mind, we’re changing up the majority of Item recipes. The number of different materials in each set has been reduced slightly, and the range of materials has been more evenly distributed across the different sets. Each set will have some overlap of materials with the sets either side of it, but there’ll no longer be a need to hunt Ferox Chitin for Trinity Items.

Furthermore we’ve adjusted the stats on some items that were sitting little use, with the hopes that these items will become viable alternatives, and provide a bit more variety to player progression.

Orcs: Know your enemy!

The Orcs grow somewhat stronger, with new Orc camps between levels 26 and 30. These camps are a LOT bigger than previous camps, but drop a lot more resources. Don’t be surprised if you can’t defeat the levels 28-30 camps with a level 40 Commander, they’re intended to be a challenge!

Orc materials drop tables will be completely overhauled to allow players to better hunt for the materials they need. Distribution will look something like this:

    • Bronze Set Materials: Orc Camps Level 8-13
    • Iron Set Materials: Orc Camps Level 14-19
    • Orc Set Materials: Orc Camps Level 17-25
    • Trinity Set Materials: Orc Camps Level 20-24
    • Darksteel Set Materials: Orc Camps Level 25-30
    • Oathbound Set Materials: Orc Camps Level 26-30*


While Oathbound recipes will appear with the Orc camp changes, the materials won’t drop for the first few weeks, but will be available through Challenges and Tournaments.

Trinity Forces

In addition to these big changes to Orcs and Crafting, we’ve lots of other changes:

Commander Level cap raised to 50: There are several reasons for this, most of which tie into the changes with the Oathbound set and the Orc Camp changes. Simply it comes down to how fast we want full Oathbound equipped Commanders in game. By having the minimum commander level higher than the current cap for these items, combined with the difficulty of 26+ Orc Camps and the gradual introduction, our aim is to give players time to adjust as these items begin to spread throughout the higher Provinces. We will be keeping a close eye on their impact across the game, as well as the progression of Commanders as well, and may tweak it somewhat in the weeks after these changes go live.

Wall Level cap raised to 25: With bigger Commanders comes bigger Armies, so to aid in defense, we’re increasing the level cap of Walls to 25. Again we’ll be keeping an eye on this in the coming weeks and may make changes as needed.

Alliance Member Cap raised from 20 to 30: The social aspect of any online game is a major part in why people play it. OVer the course of the game, we’ve seen a steady increase in the number of linked or sub alliances. We want to help facilitate the social aspect as much as possible, so we’ll be increasing the maximum number of players in an Alliance to 30.

Player Level Cap raised to 70: Fairly self explanatory, with all these new changes going in, lots of XP available, so putting it to use.

Increasing the Free For All cap: This will be done in stages, but as the bulk of the playerbase progresses higher in the game, we will scale up the Free For All cap. The ultimate target is 55, but how fast that happens depends on the progress of the playerbase. To begin with we will be increasing it to Level 50.

Kill Streak Overhaul: These will be updated alongside the above changes, to be kept in balance with the changes.

Silver Heal Cost Reduction: We will be reducing the cost of Silver Healing by 50% of the current value, i.e. 500 silver per minute instead of 1000 silver per minute. This will be monitored alongside the other changes, and may be adjusted at a later date.

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Published: September 4, 2015


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