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The Winter Hunt Returns!

2016 is coming to an end. Deepest winter returns and with it, the Lord of the Winter Hunt. Once more his influence will be felt in Vinland, with a range of tournaments for the Holiday Season!

In Deepest Winter

Fryst Jolfaor, Lord of the Winter Hunt

Fryst Jolfaor, Lord of the Winter Hunt

Fryst Jolfuor once more casts his influence over Vinland, inciting war between the Trinity settlements. There are countless legends regarding this mysterious figure; some say he was one of the founding members of the Trinity, others claim that he was one of it’s greatest foes in the early days.

Regardless of his origin, in midwinter he is often spied overlooking the sites of impending war, his presence inciting the armies that take the field to acts of great valor. Troops long to test their prowess in the heat of battle, knowing the Lord of the Winter Hunt is watching.

Prepare your troops for battle, Winter is here!


Fryst’s Blessings

Ultimate Thieves’ Alliance!

When: December 21st – January 4th

How it works: Work with your Alliance! Gain one point for every Silver you steal from attacking other Keeps, lose one point for every Silver stolen from your own!

Prizes – Every member of the Alliance who contributes a score will receive:

1st – 1x Chest containing a 6-piece set of Level 6 Oathbound

2nd – 1x Chest containing a 6-piece set of Level 4 Oathbound

3rd – 1x Chest containing a 6-piece set of Level 3 Oathbound

In addition, every member of the winning Alliance will receive a limited Kings of the Realm t-shirt!

tshirt template 1


We will also have multiple 48-hour Refinement and 24-hour Capture the Flag tournaments running during The Winter Hunt, with Crafting Materials as prizes!

December 24th – December 25th

Our last GOLD SALE of the year will take place between these dates!

December 21st – January 4th

We have a special Twitter giveaway running, check out https://twitter.com/KingsoftheRealm  for more information!


Also the following bonuses are in effect during The Winter Hunt.

December 21st – January 4th

Army Speed is doubled!

Silver heal costs are halved!

All Shrines have been disabled!


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Published: December 20, 2016


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