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New Troops: Clerics!

Today we introduce the new Cleric Troop, which is coming to Kings of the Realm soon!

Rebuilding Morale


Captain Kaladan quietly led his raid force back into the settlement in the pale light of dawn. No longer did the people stand in welcome, cheering the returning troops. A pervasive drizzle of rain was all that greeted them. But this was not what kept the crowds away. A long hard campaign of war in this harsh land had eroded the civilians’ appetite for victory.

Kaladan waved the Supply Wagons towards the storehouses, then directed his injured men to get themselves to the Infirmary. He knew they would be looked after and fighting fit again, in time. The injured troops saluted him and turned to walk up the hill to the Keep above.

Kaladan turned to leave, but paused as he noticed one of the Clerics from the Keep coming towards him. “Captain!” he called. “A moment of your time, if you would be so kind.” Kaladan nodded and studied the healer as he came closer. Of average height and build, he was an older man with silver grey hair and beard. He was dressed in the red robes of the healers, a staff two yards tall capped with the symbol of the Trinity gripped in his left hand, his book of healing cantrips held in his right.

As the Cleric reached him, Kaladan gestured towards the nearby tavern, a welcome respite from the dismal weather. Entering, they nodded to the barkeep and took two chairs beside the fire. At this time of the day there was only a handful of others within, mostly workers partaking of a hot meal before their day’s labour began. The barkeep brought over a jug of mulled wine and two goblets.

Well Cleric, how can I be of assistance?” Kaladan asked as he poured two drinks and passed one over. The healer took a sip and began, “Captain. Thank you for your time. I wanted to speak to you about the morale within the settlement of late. As you have seen yourself, where once the civilian population stood in solidarity with our armed forces, they no longer celebrate alongside you. Why do you think that is?

Captain Kaladan shrugged, “I am not sure. But I am a warrior, I’m not the most qualified person to contribute to the humors of the civilians?

It is because you are a warrior, or more precisely a Commander in our King’s army, that I speak to you now,” he answered. “The people see our troops returning and want to welcome them home, and at first it was joyous to behold, but they are not used to blood as you or I would be. The harm that war inflicts on Trinity soldiers is not for the faint of heart. I believe they have been slowly demoralized by such sights.

Kaladan nodded slowly while staring into his wine. “I can see the wisdom in your words, Cleric. But we cannot camp the wounded outside the walls until they are better, not when your fellow healers must operate from the Keep. What would you have me do?

Take us into battle,” replied the healer. “A small number of us are capable of performing our spells without the need to be near the shrines held within the Keep. We could accompany you and the other Commanders, provide a measure of healing before we even return to the settlement. To the civilians, it will appear as though we are stronger than before, and your men will suffer less if the most serious wounds can be treated immediately.

Kaladan thought for a moment. Not a terrible idea, but I fear we would spend too many resources ensuring you are not harmed, which would only cause further unnecessary injuries. Also, I do not believe the King would allow any Cleric to be put into harm’s way.

The Cleric smiled. “Don’t worry about us, Captain. While we are sworn to do no harm, we can defend ourselves as needed. No harm will come to us.

The Cleric drained his goblet. “Thank you for your time, Captain Kaladan,” he continued, as he rose to his feet. “I must now see about getting the King’s blessing.

Before you go; a question. Would there be any risk in using your magic so far from the security of the Keep?” asked the Captain. The Cleric thought for a moment, “Not that I can think of. Our magic can be detected by those sensitive enough, but who in this land would notice?” At that, he bowed and left the inn.

Who indeed?” mused Kaladan quietly to himself. “Who indeed?”

Introducing the Cleric Troop Type

Over the next few months we have some exciting additions planned for Kings of the Realm, the first of which is the new Cleric Troop which will be introduced to the game in the coming weeks. Initially the Cleric will only be available through tournaments, but will later be recruitable by everyone with the required building completed. We’re still crunching the exact numbers on this troop, but we can explain how they will work.

Clerics will occupy one of eight slots in your Commander’s Army layout

There is an AP cost for each Cleric you have in that slot (yes you can stack multiples!)

Clerics heal your troops after the battle is complete, but before the army returns to your settlement, so by having them in your army you reduce your heal times.

Clerics have a heal amount that is represented by their attack value. This can be upgraded through research of improvements to their Staff and Spellbook

They heal in slot order, so for example after a battle they will heal the injured Troops in Slot 1 of your Army until they run out of healing, or the Troops are fully healed. If the Troops are fully healed, they move onto the next Slot with the remaining healing carrying over. This repeats until they run out of healing or injured Troops.

Clerics do not take part in combat themselves and are not targeted, so none of their healing is ever used up on themselves.

Preparing over the Winter Hunt!

Starting on the 23rd of December, all tournament rewards will include an extra chest containing a material called Chiselled Rock.

Daily Milestone tournaments will have a chance to drop Levels 1 or 2, 48 hour tournaments will drop Levels 2 or 3, and longer tournaments will drop Levels 3 or 4.

When the Clerics are introduced into game, there will be province banded tournaments involving these materials to win some of the Cleric Troops, so hold onto them! This Chiselled Rock is used in making the focusing core of the Cleric’s Staff, so is vital for their work.

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Published: December 22, 2016


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