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April Update



Over the coming weeks we will be introducing some changes to the game that will see a shift in the army meta’s of P4 and P5.

This will all kick off next week with the addition of Celestial Hunters to the troop lineup. As stated before, the aim of the Celestial Hunters is to smooth the progression curve on ranged troops, whilst also giving a harder hitting masking option for P4 and P5. These troops will be unlocked with the Abbey Fortress 3, and can be used by any Commander once they reach Level 22.

In addition to these new Ranged troops, we will also be rebalancing both Trinity Knights and Shining Lance. This is to help make builds other than full Cavalry or Cavalry / Monster more viable at the end game. These changes will be made as the Celestial Hunters are introduced, and we’ll be keeping an eye on them once they’re live.

The changes are as follows:

Trinity Knight

  • Hit points: Reduced from 640 to 540
  • Attack: Reduced from 220 to 200
  • Carry: Reduced from 60 to 48


Order of the Shining Lance

  • Hit points: Reduced from 1550 to 1260
  • Attack: Reduced from 540 to 510
  • Carry: Reduced from 120 to 88


This is just the first of what will be a number of similar tweaks, the long term goal of which will be to create a more enjoyable and balanced playing experience for all players. We also consider this update to be laying some of the foundations required to allow us to sustainably grow the game and add new and interesting features.


– Braxifen


Published: April 6, 2017


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