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Eriodna Update

As the various Commanders get to grips with the addition of the Celestial Hunters, we are adding a bonus to reflect this!


As the various Commanders get to grips with the addition of the Celestial Hunters, we are adding a bonus to reflect this. Eriodna will be receiving a +15% bonus to Celestial Hunters in addition to her two existing bonuses!

As always we’ll be keeping an eye on how this affects the balance of the game in the weeks to come.

Eriodna moved through the forests of Vinland, her forces now bolstered by the Celestial Hunters that had surrounded her only weeks before. As her army marched, she thought back on that first meeting.

 * * * * *

As a member of the royal court in her homeland, Eriodna was expected to lead the Celestials in war should the need ever arise. As such her training in art, culture and diplomacy was tempered with instruction in the various aspects of command and warfare.

The nature of her training and her tactics had instilled a predator’s instincts within Eriodna, knowing the exact moment to attack came to her as naturally as breathing. But a predator also knows when to wait, when to step back and gain a measure of your potential prey.

After a tense standoff with the Hunters and their commander she had managed to convince him that she meant no harm, and that she was from their homeland.  He had been evasive about identifying himself directly, and she had not wanted to push the matter, knowing how secretive some Celestials could be the first time they met someone.

Eriodna explained how they had arrived from across the sea after fleeing Amut, a name the partially masked Commander had recognised. Eriodna detailed quickly the previous thousand years or so of peace, and how it had been brutally shattered by the re-emergence of the Devourers. He seemed skeptical at that claim, but he said nothing more on the subject.

His doubt indicating he was unaware of the Trinity forces in Vinland, she decided to try make early overtures for a truce, before any of the other Trinity leaders were able to make a better offer. She suggested an Alliance, and offered to guide the Celestial party back to her home settlement, but their leader had politely refused.

Instead, he had proposed a small detachment of Celestial Hunters would join her for a period of a few weeks, and some of her own Troops would join the Celestials. “Deception may be masked in a brief meeting,” he had said, “but not in the long term. We will each fight and train alongside the other, and gain a measure of each other in combat, where lies do not hold weight.

An interesting proposition.” Eriodna replied. “How long do you propose?

When three full moons have passed, then we shall meet back here. If my people approve of your proposed alliance, we will return as friends”, was his reply.

And if the Alliance is not to be?” Eriodna inquired, to which he had simply laughed and shook his head.

* * * * *

Eriodna regarded the Celestial Hunters moving around her as they continued their march. The King had been uneasy at the nature of the exchange at first but had recognised how important these new Celestials were to Eriodna, as well as the potential in the proposed Alliance.

The last few weeks of fighting alongside them had given her hope for the future, yet still she was wary, as change is not always well received. But she was content to wait for now. A predator knows when to wait.

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Published: April 19, 2017


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