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Crafting Changes

Hello, Kings and Queens of Vinland.

A few weeks ago we made significant changes to the crafting system in Kings of the Realm. These changes were made aiming to simplify the use of the Blacksmith and make crafting a more satisfying experience.

The changes included tweaking the materials needed to craft each set, overhauling the orc materials drop tables and changing the price of several materials and items.

However, when we made these changes we nerfed the prices too much, having a detrimental impact on the game.

As such, we will be buffing the prices of several items and materials.

They won’t go back to the same price as before the crafting overhaul, but the selling price will be higher than it is now.

Thank you for all the feedback, suggestions and ideas we have received in the last several weeks.

We will be making this update in the next few days.

Tags: #kingsoftherealm, #kotr, crafting, Update!,

Published: September 26, 2017


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