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Eriodna paced back and forth outside the closed doors of the great hall. She had taken a risk in leading the mysterious Celestial woman directly to the king, but it had felt like the right decision. Her army was impressive and her composure in the face of a potential battle like nothing Eriodna had ever seen. She also fully believed that other Celestial commander when he had told her that the kingdom would have already been destroyed if they had so wished.

Eriodna stopped mid-step as the giant doors creaked then cracked open. It was Veros. He held the giant door with one hand and beckoned her into the Great Hall with the other. He was still wearing his full suit of armor and she couldn’t help but wonder how he could do so for such long periods of time. It looked like more weight than the average horse could carry, let alone a human.

She entered the hall and began the long walk to the throne. Tapestries adorned the walls, covered with Trinity symbols and depictions of the great wars, though conspicuously missing was how they had unleashed Amut and her devourers once again upon the world. History, it seemed, can be shaped into something powerful, awe-inspiring and entirely misleading.

Eriodna,” called the King as she arrived at the throne. “I hear you’ve met Onneisha already, though I believe you haven’t had much of a chance to speak.” He gestured at the woman, whose name Eriodna only learned as he said it.

Yes, your grace,” she replied.

Well she and I have agreed to form an alliance in the face of our common enemy, and I would like for you to get her acquainted with how we do things around here.

Of course your grace.

Behind them Veros stood, his arm extended towards the Celestial, Onneisha. They gripped each other by the forearm and exchanged a glance before she turned to leave. Eriodna followed. She had never seen Veros do something like that before. Her arm looked tiny in his, as would anyone’s, but the two seemed to have some sort of mutual respect for eachother.

As they left the hall they passed Kaladin, who was joined by the King’s advisor Maeru. He threw an uneasy glance toward Eriodna as they passed, but did not acknowledge Onneisha. The incident with the Basilisk most likely still fresh in his mind.

As they exited the hall, Onneisha turned to her and said “Before you show me how these humans do things around here, I’d like to show you how we true Celestials do things. We have much that I am very sure you would be interested in seeing. Will you join us on our return to Shiron Forest?

Eriodna glanced back towards the King as the great hall door closed over behind them. She had possibly encountered ‘Shiron Forest’ before, though she did not know of any lands by that name. The King would likely not approve of such an action, though if this alliance was be forged on solid ground what better way to get an understanding of how their new allies live and possibly even learn something more about her own heritage.

Yes,” she replied, and followed Onneisha out of the keep.

* * * * *


Onneisha is a brand new Commander and the first in Kings of the Realm to have control over monsters! This Celestial Commander specializes in training Basilisks, making these fearful monsters even more powerful on the battlefield. She commands fierce loyalty from her devoted warriors and is the Queen of all Celestials in Vinland.

Commander Stats

Troop Bonus
Celestial Hunters 25% Bonus
Basilisk 5% Bonus
Starting Level 35


Onneisha will be available later this month as part of the Harvest festival. To be in with a chance of unlocking her before everyone else you will need to participate in our special Halloween events!

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Published: October 5, 2017


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