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Kings Online – Early Access Beta

We have some very exciting news to share with you, the Kings of the Realm Online early Beta is now live!
Kings Online is a new version of the game you loved to play, with some exciting new features and updates.

As a veteran player of Kings we would love to have you playing this new version of the game, giving us feedback on all the exciting new features. Your feedback will help us improve the game before it goes live, so this is your chance to get early access and have your say.

The Kings of the Realm Online Beta will be browser only, to allow us more easily get feedback and release updates/changes every week. We are especially interested in feedback from players who are using different browsers, as this new version of the game should work in all major browsers. Remember that this is a very early version of the game, so there will be many bugs. The idea of this early Beta is to get your help in catching these issues, and our promise to you is that they will be fixed quickly with regular releases.

Veteran Bonuses

Veteran players who play during the beta will get also some big bonuses when the game goes live in a few months. Chests, Troop, Commanders, Special Items and more!

New Features

Kings Online will be familiar to you as the game you played and loved, but with some really exciting new features including:

  • Brand new 3D realm map
  • New alliances feature
  • New War Mode
  • Build Epic Shrines
  • Multiple Browser Support
  • Over 100 bug fixes

New 3D World Map!


New War Mode!


Custom Shrine Building!

You can read more details about these new features and changes in our Quick Start Game Manual here

We hope to see you on the fields of battle in Vinland! Join us!

– The Kings Team

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Published: May 25, 2018


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